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Description and links

Current to do -list

Description and links

Link to current pre-alpha version of the app:


I believe that a global carbon tax complimented with a carbon dividend system would be an optimal way to stop climate change. In addition to its efficiency, it would probably be politically quite acceptable for both the low and high income individuals of the world. The low income individuals would benefit from the net income the carbon dividend gives them and the high income individuals could keep their emissions higher than average for longer by compensating it to the others. Another “fair” option for high income individuals would be to reach the world average in emissions basically instantly, which would be very hard and expensive. In essence, the carbon dividend enables everyone in the world to reach nearly average per capita emissions each year if they desire even if carbon tax is very high (fairness), while the increasing carbon tax makes it more desirable to spend the dividend and other income on low-carbon products, reducing emissions efficiently.

Earlier, I have made a video about global carbon tax and dividend (in Finnish), in which I envisage how it would affect the net incomes. Due to lack of space/time, I could only show one emission reduction scenario ja few emission price scenarios and their income distribution effects:

With the carbon tax simulator one can try out various carbon tax/dividend scenarios by adjusting the carbon budget (and the warming level associated with it), carbon neutrality year, the shape of emission reductions and the price path for carbon tax. Furthermore, one can also outline a specific carbon reduction path for oneself and estimate what kind of financial cost or benefit one would receive from the system. One can also try out different emission reduction scenarios for the average citizens of different countries, for example. This could be used to estimate the differences in trajectories of carbon reductions and incomes between population from different countries.

I am developing the simulator app as a part-time project funded by the Kone foundation during late 2022 and early 2023.  

I stream some of my work to increase its visibility and to receive feedback. Stream recordings (mostly in English): (only past week)

Current To do -list: 

  • Logistic curves for emissions and maybe prices?
  • Figure out a way to avoid “janky” Land use emission progression
  • info texts
  • Add table on bottom of graph to show data in table form? or have this at indicator selector table?
  • Arrows to signify value change in relation to choices? Either in graph or info view
  • Multiple graphs per scale side by side or below each other
  • Indicate how carbon budget is divided after start year and before it.
  • List countries by emissions/income/population
  • Indicate how big correction factor is use
  • Find some default values from scientific literature for carbon prices in line with emission targets (any good sources for this?)
  • IPCC: what are sensible values for land use budget
  • possibility to set how large percentage is distributed globally and how large percentage distributed nationally. country dividend indicator?
  • possibility to choose start values for fossil and land use emissions
  • add world map to indicate with color the emissions or income for each year?
  • Better colors
  • start year emissions and sinks
  • Translations to Finnish
  • transfer to Digital Ocean?
  • Github
  • A FAQ page

Accompanying document

  • Explanation on difference between co2 and other ghg gases
  • Land use sector not affected by tax level

Feedback requests:

  • Scientific articles on possible price levels and scenarios in line with various temperature goals